How Homz Is Helping Cities Build Essential Infrastructure While Addressing America’s Housing Challenges

By homz | June 1, 2022

The housing market remains one of the most lucrative and growing sectors. In fact, the U.S. housing industry was valued at US$ 43.4 trillion in 2021. Despite that, every country, including the US, has its unique challenges in the housing market. A recent study suggests a shortage of 5.24 million homes in 2021. The housing shortage is a widespread challenge, though typically evident in rapidly growing cities. Besides, people are looking for something more than just a concrete block. The expectations of renters have changed remarkably, and thus, the solution should too.

While addressing the housing shortage is an enormous challenge, providing renters with the kind of homes they desire is where we can start. Homz Global, the first national housing company in the US, is tackling this very challenge of the housing shortage. With its unique and holistic approach to the housing crisis, Homz Global is building 50 communities across the US. Homz Global strives to provide affordable and standardized housing solutions, with every community dedicating 60% land for green spacing. With our extensive expertise in the housing industry, we are developing 50,000 wellness-focused smart homes in 50 sustainable, integrated communities across the US. We are partnering with cities to make living more affordable, accessible, available, and attainable for people across the country.

Here is how Homz Global is Transforming the Housing Industry in the US

  1. Standardized Living Experience

  2. One of our principal objectives is to provide a unified, standardized experience in the communities we build. At Homz Global, we believe everyone deserves the same top-quality living experience in our communities. Developed across the entire country, Homz Global’s communities provide the same unified experience to occupants across multiple locations. Homz Global is offering 54 unique amenities across every community, remaining true to the promise of a standardized living experience.

  3. Wellness-centric housing

  4. People do not want a “housing solution” per se; instead, the demand is much more elaborate. Wellness-centric housing has emerged as the ideal solution to such demands. This wellness can be environmental, social, intellectual, physical, emotional, and even spiritual. Homz Global is developing sustainable and responsible socio-communities rather than just a series of housing blocks. With 54 amenities made for occupants, Homz Global’s housing solutions emphasize three essential elements: Feel Well, Love Well, and Work Well.

  5. Integrated Communities

  6. For a real estate property, its location is everything. While affordable housing solutions are available across the country, their location proves to be the disconnect in attracting potential consumers. Integrated communities address such challenges by strategically building housing solutions that have access to every convenience. Homz Global has addressed this problem by creating wellness-centric housing solutions at selective and strategic locations. Essential facilities such as school, public transport, local health facilities, shopping centers, etc., are only 10 to 20 mins away from these communities. Our housing communities are built near airports, hospitals, museums, etc. Close proximity to such locations underpins the vision of Homz Global, with an effort to make necessary amenities accessible and affordable.

  7. Catering to Diverse Demographics

  8. With changing demographics and changing households across the country, it has become critical to cater to different types of consumers. Renters have their own unique requirements and set budgets. Moreover, multi-family homes have become significantly prevalent across the US, reinforcing the demand for diverse housing solutions. Homz Global has developed unique housing solutions that cater to renters across various generations, keeping in mind such factors. These communities are affordable for Gen X, Millennials, or college students with rent set to meet their budgets. The other sections cater to individuals with jobs, married couples, and married couples with children. For each section in our community, there is no compromise on open spaces, vibrant atmosphere, ambient lighting, and working spaces.

  9. Sustainability

  10. Businesses across the globe are laying a key emphasis on becoming eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable. The focus is uniform across the business approach, raw materials used, and the overall process. The housing market is no exception to this change, and Homz Global was founded on this principle. Our housing solutions are energy-efficient and focused on transforming the living experience for consumers. Homz Global is building housing communities using top-notch natural and toxin-free materials like stones and woods, maintaining the harmony of modern architecture and vernacular. These are beautifully designed sustainable communities that elevate the experience of living for individuals and restore environmental balance.

Final Thoughts

Homz Global is a purpose-driven business with a keen emphasis on building an ecosystem of wellness-centric, affordable housing across the country. At Homz, we believe, and it is our philosophy, that it’s everyone’s birthright to have a roof over their heads. But we are not just in the business of “building houses”; instead, we believe that we are in the business of building communities. Homz Global is committed to creating resilient cities by rebuilding the suburbs of the US through affordable housing communities. Staying true to our philosophy, we aspire to develop affordable wellness living.

To learn more about it, please watch the video below.

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