Why Living in suburbs of America is Advantageous

By homz | June 1, 2022

The suburb areas are gradually becoming popular among people of all generations. The suburbs are those city areas that offer more space, better education, a healthier lifestyle, and much more at the most affordable rates. The need for more space and privacy during the Coronavirus pandemic are two inspiring reasons for a sudden shift towards the suburbs. Thus, living in the suburbs has become the “Next Big Thing”.

What is Suburban Living?

Living in the suburbs means you live outside a major city but at an accessible distance from the main city. While living in the suburbs, you can grasp the opportunity to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Suburbs have many single-family homes, local parks, ample parking space, and less traffic than living in a crowded city.

Some of the advantages of living in the suburbs of the US are highlighted below:

1. More Space

One of the main reasons for a sudden shift to the suburbs is the need to have more space, both indoor and outdoor. Having a home with more bedrooms and bathrooms allow your kids to have their comfort level. With more rooms, you can have more privacy and live in a distraction-free way. Also, living in the suburbs will let you enjoy some more distance between yourself and the neighbors, which is not possible while living in close apartments in the cities.

Moreover, you can get ample outdoor space in the form of a yard, garage, etc., while moving to the suburbs at less cost than in cities. A family with kids can utilize outdoor space more effectively. From backyard barbecues to backyard swings to create a small garden, there are several ways of utilizing outdoor space more purposefully.

2. More pocket friendly

Compared to living in cities, moving to a suburb is an affordable affair. Most of the city suburbs can give you some financial relief regarding cost per square footage and features. Individuals and families looking for a larger home with all hi-tech features and upgrades can consider moving to the suburbs. Not only housing, but suburbs also offer other necessities at much lower prices than cities.

3. Enjoy peace of mind

At some point in time, we all want to escape from the daily hustle-bustle, which is not possible while living in a crowded city. From the honking cars to late-night parties, the hustle-bustle of every day is snatching our peace of mind. While many people like the urban lifestyle, loud music, etc., this culture is not preferable. Moving to the suburbs is an ideal option for all those who want freedom from the noise. Even a suburb with a vibrant social scene and all the latest amenities will be a peaceful place to live away from the busiest city centers.

4. Quality education for children

Most suburbs have top-rated public and private schools making quality education accessible to all. In fact, these highly-rated school districts are one of the reasons encouraging parents to move to the suburbs. Since suburban schools are less crowded classrooms, so kids can get individual attention, which helps them improve their skills and abilities. Besides, suburbs also provide an opportunity for charter schools that offer quality and affordable education to children.

5.Safer neighborhoods

Another reason why urban dwellers are shifting to suburbs is safety and security. Unfortunately, the well-developed and largest cities are also home to a good deal of crime. The rapid surge in crime rate has made people worried about their and their loved ones’ security, thus looking for relocation. Densely packed neighborhoods have a higher crime rate than less populated suburbs.

6. More convenience

Though in the city one can get access to many things, it’s not always convenient. Traveling through the dense markets, streets, etc., are enough reasons to feel frustrated. Most cities also have limited and expensive parking, making it difficult for the residents to park their vehicles. On the other hand, suburbs offer convenient access to shops, restaurants, and other nearby amenities without worrying about parking spaces. If your work permits, moving to the suburbs can be the most convenient option for you and your family.

7. Final Thoughts

While city-living is exciting and has a chic lifestyle, it continues to remain pestered with some dire challenges. Suburbs offer an excellent alternative to housing problems with the availability of affordable single and multifamily housing facilities. Although relocating to a whole new place is not easy for any family, the advantages of suburbs will make that painstaking journey much easier. Homz, the first national housing company in the US, is developing beautifully designed housing communities across the country.

Focusing on some of the best suburbs of the US, Homz aspires to provide wellness-centric, affordable housing solutions. These communities are strategically located in the suburbs, providing easy accessibility to some of the essential facilities like schools, colleges, hospitals, public transport, and more. Moreover, these communities are developed with a keen emphasis on free space, connectivity, and accessibility, delivering a unique and standardized living experience to renters. Homz is well and truly positioned to develop some of the best housing experiences across the suburbs of the US, and it is your time to be a part of it.

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