Are Cities Ready For The Post-Pandemic New Normal?

By homz | August 26, 2022

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the face of our cities. It has reshaped our behaviors, habits, how we interact with people, travel, and most importantly, work. Since the outbreak in late February-early March of 2020, companies scampered away to provide work-from-home policies to their employees. For two years, many companies decided to continue that policy. Some have chosen to call their employees back, while others have found the golden mean; hybrid working.

Hybrid working has become a post-pandemic norm, and many people seem to like it. They are more inclined to split their time between working in the office and working from home. Such rapidly shifting dynamics necessitate crucial changes in our surroundings.

Hybrid Working- The New Normal

Hybrid working has become a new gateway to flexible working across the corporate. Employees can now choose which days to come into the office, or the company can assign specific days for on-site and remote work. While policies may differ with every company, there is no denying that hybrid working is here to stay. A recent survey from April 2022 shows that 77% of companies have already adopted a hybrid working model with an at-will hybrid policy.

With the growing adoption of hybrid working, people spending time at home will increase exponentially. And that means people are seeking homes that fulfill their needs in terms of work and personal life. One begs the question, are our cities ready for massive shifts? Are our homes equipped to provide the necessary environment to fulfill our needs?

Introspecting the Current Housing Scenario

Robust housing communities are an essential part of any city. However, with changing circumstances, we need to rethink our existing housing systems. Furthermore, the US is facing its perhaps worst housing crisis. Whether it is coastal cities like San Francisco or a southern city like Springfield, everyone is facing the heat of housing shortage. While the US housing system is known for single-family homes, driveways, and lawns, modern houses must provide more elaborate solutions.

What’s the Solution?

Modern housing solutions need to cater for the changing needs of modern families. While single-family homes have their advantages, the much-needed solution is just around the corner. Multifamily homes can truly address the changing needs of modern families. A multifamily home is a single building that accommodates more than one family. Also called apartment complexes, multifamily homes provide an efficient and cost-effective living facility. Across the US, single-family homes hold tremendous popularity.

However, at Homz, we are going the extra mile. For new-age families choosing a hybrid working model, we present wellness-centric, integrated multifamily housing communities.

  • Tech-integrated Housing

    Across the select suburbs of the US, Homz is developing sustainable and responsible socio-communities rather than just a series of housing blocks. With 54 amenities for occupants, Homz housing solutions emphasize three essential elements: Feel Well, Love Well, and Work Well.

    Homz communities will incorporate innovative solutions like co-working spaces to provide balanced work life. Outfitted with spacious lobbies and WiFi connectivity, these co-working spaces will offer the convenience and efficiency of working from home. These communities will integrate cutting-edge tech to enable residents to work from home. Tech integration has always been our focus, and thus, these communities will incorporate high-speed, secure internet with increased bandwidth for gaming, streaming, and video calls.

  • Connectivity

    Connectivity is one of the essential fortes of modern housing solutions. You don’t want to live in an apartment complex with no connectivity to cities or no means of transportation at all. Moreover, city dwellers are increasingly becoming reluctant to buy cars due to the growing popularity of ride-sharing platforms. Homz communities are being developed at strategic locations that provide easy access to public transportation. Furthermore, there will be multi-location dedicated ride-sharing pick-up and drop-off for Uber and Lyft, ensuring absolute convenience for the residents. And when we say we are going the extra mile, we mean it. These futuristic communities will incorporate multi-location drone landing pads for faster and better delivery of groceries and other items.

Final Thought

The pandemic has brought significant shifts in our societies. Some are good; some are saddening. However, such drastic reshaping also presents an opportunity to devise a solution that can cater to new-age families. We need to build housing communities that accommodate people’s preference for peaceful, nurturing residences that are conducive to work and play.

As the first-ever national housing company, we at Homz are creating communities with a keen focus on health, recreation and convenience. Our housing communities will not only provide an affordable housing solution but also meet the changing demands of younger generations.

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