Homz Follows Responsible Sourcing, Consumption & Production – A Commitment Towards Sustainable Housing Development Practices

By homz | August 25, 2022

A significant chunk of the US population is considering moving to cities in search of employment opportunities, education facilities, and social interaction. But is that all a citizen wants to live a fulfilling life? This would have taken you quite a while to think and answer. But after the global pandemic, answering this question isn’t that difficult. People move to cities in search of all those above and dwellings that foster health and well-being.

Let’s look at how people’s perspective toward health and housing has changed into a new normal.

Health perspective in the new normal

After COVID-19 wreaked havoc worldwide, it orchestrated many changes on every level. The most visible change made people more health-conscious than ever. When the global health authorities advised staying at home as a precautionary measure, it allowed people to reflect on their health status. This scenario made people think about how their surroundings and communities play a vital role in maintaining their health.

Unfortunately, many growing cities in the US are just concrete jungles with heavy traffic, high-rise buildings, a lack of social interaction, and noise that only creates unhealthy living conditions. People didn’t think about it earlier, but in the new normal, they are aware of how these impact negatively on mental and physical well-being.

You’ll be surprised to know that 80% of cities in the world exceed the normal air quality limit set by the WHO. Millions of people die prematurely due to air pollution by falling prey to many respiratory and heart diseases.

The need of the hour is to build cities and communities equipped with facilities that keep up with the citizens’ health and well-being needs. People expect cities to be full of life, with green parks, broad sidewalks and cycling paths where they can exercise to maintain and improve their health.

Towards a healthier tomorrow with Homz

Previously built cities failed to assess the future as they were too blinded by the idea of urbanization. But now that nature has answered back, the global, government and local authorities have started constructing resilient cities.

Now that the risks of the pandemic have significantly reduced, public managers need to reflect if the city’s housing can accommodate this changing preference of people.

Homz, the first national housing company in the US, is building cities considering and fulfilling the changing needs of the US residents. The company has planned its residential spaces in a way that promotes health indoors through adequate light, ventilation, and completely safe materials.

Homz communities are catering to the rising need for healthy housing by building homes that offer holistic wellness for the residents. The communities have multiple avenues outdoors that focus on an active lifestyle and connect the residents closely with nature, giving their health a further boost.

Homz communities have amenities that help people to stay close to the natural environment and enhance their health. A few of them are mentioned here:

  • Walking tracks: Walk for fitness between blocks around the communities
  • Jogging tracks: Run in the morning before the sun wakes up
  • Biking trails: Get fit and engage with a natural ambience
  • Natural open field: Common vicinity to refresh your mind, body, and soul with nature
  • Outdoor yoga pad: Ample open space t enjoy your yoga session with nature
  • Green spaces: Live in a space that supports better health and overall wellness.
  • Outdoor sports facility: A community play arena within your vicinity as part of the NEXT GEN Clubhouse

Re-imagine healthy living with Homz Communities

Cities need to be resilient to fulfil the changing needs of the people. Now that health has become a priority, cities and communities must include amenities that support their health and wellness goals. Homz is doing just that by catering to the changing needs of people in the US. This national housing company is offering US citizens all that they could ask for. Homz has re-defined suburban living by not only building wellness-centric communities but also making housing affordable, accessible, and sustainable.

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