Building Homes That Are Attainable & Great To Live In

By homz | February 23, 2023

The housing crisis in America is multifaceted, with many different segments of people affected by its impact. The cost of living has increased significantly across the country and in certain areas, it has become prohibitively expensive for many people to buy a home. Moreover, there simply aren’t enough homes available in desirable locations with access to public infrastructure and lifestyle amenities. This leaves individuals with few options other than renting or buying at inflated prices.

The Demand for Attainable, High-Quality Housing

As people strive to lead healthier, prosperous lifestyles, urban homes with a host of amenities become a must-have across all segments of America’s population. That’s why building more houses won’t solve the housing crisis in the USA; the key lies in building attainably-priced homes that fit each segment’s lifestyle.

A Sustainable Solution: Mixed-Use Multifamily Housing Developments

Mixed-use multifamily housing projects are a viable option that can offer urban living without sacrificing lifestyle amenities. This housing community model is ideal for residents of all ages and income levels—including students, earning professionals, growing families and empty nesters.

With the right planning, it’s possible to deliver an attainably priced, sustainable, high-quality and well-connected lifestyle to all home seekers.

Sustainability, Liveability & Connectivity

This sustainable real estate development model comprises high-density detached or cluster homes, built using green technologies. In addition to maintaining a healthy indoor environment, the design practices ensure energy and water conservation, a zero-waste impact, and cost benefits.

While the development of the community will include homes, it may also include amenities such as parks, clubhouses, fitness centers, healthcare, restaurants, retail and office space.

These types of mixed-use developments can help reduce the carbon footprint by providing residents everything they need—all within walking distance from home.

The Franchise Model: The Way Forward

Mixed-use developments have proven successful when it comes to creating sustainable communities that support people, the environment and the economy.

HOMZ is aware of how important the hospitality industry is to American culture and how much it contributes to our economy in terms of jobs and tax revenue. There’s no better way than standardizing, replicating and scaling mixed-use multifamily housing models to achieve attainably priced, highly amenitized lifestyles.

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