Designing Smart Cities for Better Quality of Life, Sustainability, and Economic Growth

By homz | February 22, 2023

As the world continues to progress towards modernization, cities are being evaluated by residents on three crucial parameters: quality of life, economic competitiveness, and sustainability. The aim is to build smart cities that meet the needs of the modern world and provide residents with an improved quality of life.

Housing plays a vital role in determining the success of smart cities, and it is essential to provide residents with modern and sustainable housing solutions that cater to their needs. Such housing solutions must take into account the needs of residents in terms of affordability, accessibility, and comfort. Following are some key features of housing in smart cities and why they are critical to building sustainable communities:

Quality of life:

  • Housing solutions with integrated services and amenities, such as healthcare, education, and recreation, that cater to the needs of all residents
  • Access to ample green spaces and open areas for recreation and relaxation
  • Safe and secure communities with round-the-clock surveillance and security measures

Economic competitiveness:

  • A work-friendly environment with easy access to essential services and amenities
  • Adequate infrastructure and transportation facilities to support economic growth and job creation
  • Affordable housing options to attract talent and support economic growth.


  • Adoption of sustainable building practices and materials to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Creating sustainable cities that promote clean energy and efficient use of resources
  • Implementation of waste management and recycling programs to reduce waste and promote sustainability

At HOMZ, we are tackling the challenges of building smart cities through collaboration with local change makers. We are developing housing solutions that offer all modern living infrastructure, while simultaneously promoting sustainability

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