How nature-based housing attracts more people to a suburb

By homz | August 25, 2022

“Environmental amnesia is constricting our intellect.”

Peter H Kahn Jr., a psychologist at the University of Washington

Humans have an innate connection to nature. After all, we are a part of it. However, that very connection has been lost in recent years. As cities continue to grow, more people have moved away from the natural environment. The only interaction with nature is perhaps a stroll in a garden or picnic. However, it’s not enough. It’s not even the bare minimum. We, humans, desperately need to reconnect with nature to live fully.

The surrounding environment significantly impacts the human mind. It shapes our behavior, drives our progress, and nourishes our intelligence. However, today’s environment is not exactly the same as it was a few decades ago. The lost connection with nature has led to several psychological impacts. As a matter of fact, it is quite evident in contemporary housing systems across the nation. Environmental generational amnesia is an epidemic that’s affecting this generation.

Environmental Generational Amnesia

Peter Kahn Jr, a psychologist from the University of Washington, defines environmental generational amnesia as an idea that each generation perceives the environment into which it’s born. They consider it a norm regardless of how urbanized, polluted, and developed it is. That means each generation thinks of it as “nature is relative”, based on what it’s exposed to.

For years, Peter Kahn examined how people perceive and impact the environment. From what we have learned from his years of studies, it is evident that there is a dire need to re-establish the connection between humans and mother nature.

Rekindling the Connection

The newer generations have an acutely weak connection with nature. Because of this, parents are looking for a more environment-led living to give their children a real taste of a nature-based environment. While metro cities are already too stuffed, there is little to no room to rekindle this connection. Suburbs have emerged as a potential key to this deadlock.

It is essential to move forward cautiously and not make the same mistakes we have made in the past. It is very important to integrate nature-infused living with modern conveniences. The future housings that we will build should incorporate nature-based facilities. From raw materials to recreational activities, nature needs to be at the center of focus. Here is how Homz is re-establishing the connection with nature through its housing communities.

  1. Nature Park

    Suburbs are not congested like the cities; thus, they present an opportunity for dedicated land for open spaces. Homz is developing 50 wellness-centric housing communities across the country. To provide fresh air and a holistic living experience, a piece of the landscape will be dedicated to open spaces. These landscapes will have different themes like Zen gardens, blooming lavenders, xeriscapes, etc., to provide a unique outdoor experience.

  2. Toddler Park

    We have gradually become disconnected from nature—especially the children who mostly engage in digital entertainment. Homz communities will address the diminishing role of nature in children’s lives with Toddle Park. These parks will incorporate child-centric activities that will nurture them towards a better future. The park will include exciting activities like splash pads, sand pits, activity stations, gazebos, etc., to provide fun and healthy playtime.

  3. Natural Lake

    Natural lakes truly embody nature. Homz communities will feature natural waterfronts to enhance comfort and enjoyment for the families living there. It is a seamless connection between outdoor and indoors, which provides an opportunity to draw communities together.

    Apart from these amenities, Homz communities will also feature indoor games, fitness centers, a community sports field, an outdoor amphitheater, integrated fitness fields, jogging trails, adventure cycling trails, etc., to provide modern conveniences.

To Wrap Up?

With the kind of lifestyle we have developed, reconnecting with nature has become a necessity. However, it should be done more maturely and smartly. It is not about planting trees and installing air purification systems. Our efforts must be more elaborate to truly re-establish the connection between nature and humans.

Homz, with its wellness-centric multifamily communities, is doing just that. Homz communities comprise over 54 amenities based in park-like surroundings that make for an ideal environment for families to interact with undisturbed nature while not losing sight of their urban living needs. It is our genuine effort to ensure that future generations will see nature as we did. In its most beautiful and tender form!

To learn more about it, please watch the video below.

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