Building communities on the bedrock of clean energy

By homz | August 24, 2022

Heat waves, strong storms, wildfires, and other extreme climate-related events are projected to become more frequent and more damaging in the coming decades. In an April Pew Research Center survey, half of the U.S. population stated their local community has experienced extreme weather over the past year alone.

And the prevalence of human development has got a lot to do with it. From the transportation sector to the manufacturing industries, every sector today has its share of contributing to climate change. It goes without saying, this is inclusive of the construction sector as well. But the striking thing is, that 40% of the worldwide energy usage and 23% of air pollution generated is due to the construction sector. This means our future development needs to seriously undergo a paradigm shift in terms of how the work’s done.

Being a real state developer, these climate changes have brought a sense of urgency for us to switch to the use of clean energy in our development. And that points to laying the bricks for net-zero energy homes. With net-zero energy homes, we are bringing a much-needed change that contributes to climate change mitigation while also improving the quality of housing and cities.

There are 5 facets to these homes, which are:

Leading change with sustainable buildings

We are building our future housing units through eco-friendly construction practices and measures, with increased energy efficiency.

Energy conservation, climate preservation

Global carbon emissions play a huge part in the average rise in temperature. We’re addressing this by reducing our operational carbon footprint through energy optimizations. We’re transitioning to green electricity and developing policies to reduce carbon footprint by 50% and putting great efforts into R&D to increase energy efficiency.

Responsible sourcing

We believe in minimizing the negative impact of our communities on the planet through a responsible supply chain and code of conduct for suppliers. Where and how we source raw materials and services is aimed at having a significantly positive impact on the environment and the health and safety of residents.

Towards zero waste

We aim to champion the reduce, reuse, and recycle mindset. We have the vision to achieve zero waste in our development through our construction practices. But we also aim to encourage people to follow a similar mindset. We wish to promote social responsibility and well-being amongst all.


As real estate developers, we need to improve our climate intelligence and adopt sustainable development practices that touch every aspect of construction. There is also a host of less direct but potentially more significant ways to do that, building net-zero energy homes is our way.

We’re on a mission to build 50 wellness-centric integrated communities with attainably-priced housing units. And with the underlying energy-efficient processes powering our development, we aim to make sure that even the planet can afford our new communities.

To learn more about it, please watch the video below

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