The need for sustainability and how it makes cities better

By homz | August 24, 2022

Did you know that the world’s cities occupy only 3% of the Earth’s land but contribute to 75% of global emissions? That’s shocking because even if we humans are just a tiny part of the whole planet, we have caused so much destruction for our never-ending needs.

Take urbanization, for example. Cities are more than just densely built settlements. They’re home to numerous restaurants, offices, and conveniences. Unfortunately, with these amenities comes 60 to 80 per cent of energy consumption.

This footprint contributes to the most pressing challenges of our time, climate change and depletion of natural resources. It is resulting in a dire need to relook at the ways of future city expansions.

Most of the world’s cities weren’t built with sustainability in mind. This is one of the major reasons why urbanization, despite its perks, is still not working in favour of preserving the planet. Sustainable cities not only mean addressing environmental concerns; it goes beyond that. As people get more familiar with reducing their carbon footprint, they look forward to living sustainably without compromising their living standards.

Changing the face of the real estate industry

Now that sustainability has become an important goal, the real estate industry is going through a paradigm shift. From being responsible for increased energy consumption and global emissions, sustainable real estate is shouldering the responsibility of making this world a better place.

Many players in the real estate industry are focusing on building sustainable edifices and communities that are not only at pace with modern living standards but also safer for the environment.

Let’s look at how Homz is doing its part to create sustainable cities and pave the way for a greener future.

Homz – On the way to building sustainable cities

Shouldering the responsibility of planet-friendly suburban growth, Homz is committed to the sustainable development and management of land to pave the way to a world with resilient and integrated land-use planning, which will give people everything they need while preserving the planet.

Promoting the zero waste ideology

Everything we do creates trash everywhere, from unboxing a new purchase to discarding old belongings. Every activity directly or indirectly generates waste, from buying groceries to cooking meals.

This behaviour will create severe consequences for our cities – massive landfills, increased greenhouse emissions and exhaustion of natural resources.

Homz is aligned with global sustainability goals and is adopting a zero-waste approach to building our communities in forward-thinking cities across the US.

We are committed to protecting the local environment, saving on construction costs, creating new employment opportunities and building resilient cities.

Providing both pro-people and pro-planet housing

The construction sector alone accounts for 40% of global GHG emissions. Homz is committed to lowering that number.

Through responsible sourcing, consumption and production, the company is doing its part to meet the Sustainable Development Goals by building communities with a 50% lower carbon footprint.

It relies on its Code of Conduct for Suppliers and other company programs and policies to ensure this. It’s crucial and critical to bring time-tested global practices to build a better world for the future.

Building sustainable cities from the ground up.

Sustainability is not just an approach to help the planet heal but a way of life now. It is high time that we stop exploiting the planet for all that it has been offering us and find ways to preserve it for generations to come. The need of the hour is not just to consider but act sustainably in everything we do to sustain this world.

Charity begins at home. Similarly, taking care of the planet starts when you take the initiative to reduce your carbon footprint at an individual level. Furthermore, being a part of a bigger initiative helps you achieve the goal of sustainability faster and create a bigger impact. Homz is the way. Contribute to building a sustainable city by being a part of a sustainable community.

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