The Importance of Sustainable Real Estate Development in the USA

By homz | January 4, 2023

Sustainable real estate development is becoming a priority for governments around the world. People are learning more about climate change by the day, and there’s never been a better time to invest in sustainable communities across the United States. But first, let’s understand what this term encompasses.

What is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development is a concept that involves the careful use of resources and the encouragement of conservation. It focuses on ensuring that human activities are carried out in a way that can be sustained over time. The goal of sustainable development is to find ways to meet people’s needs now while protecting the resources we have for future generations.

What are Sustainable Development Goals?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a framework for addressing global issues such as poverty, hunger, health, education and gender equality by 2030. The SDGs are specific targets linked with measurable indicators for the United Nations member states to achieve together for a sustainable life on this planet.

The Benefits of Sustainable Development for the United States

Sustainable real estate development aims to reduce the impact of built spaces on human health and the environment. By doing so, we avoid causing irreparable damage and using resources at a rate faster than they can be replenished—such as deforestation and pollution.

Sustainable development goes beyond building LEED-certified green homes and communities. At a macro-level, it can create infrastructure systems for energy conservation and efficiency, water use and treatment, waste disposal, food production and distribution through organic farming, green mobility, carbon emission reduction, health and wellness—and the list goes on!

At HOMZ, we are committed to spearheading this movement.

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