Choosing Healthy & Sustainable Housing in the USA

By homz | January 4, 2023

Close your eyes. Now picture a life where you have access to a pollution-free environment, clean water, and fresh, organic food every day. You own a serene home that overlooks peaceful views and the occasional happy face of your neighbor, if you spot them outside. Perhaps they are meditating in the early hours of the morning or jogging across the street. As you stroll down the streets, you observe that these are clean and well-maintained, and that bicycles and electric vehicles are the preferred modes of transportation. The surroundings are interspersed with open green spaces and every active, leisure, and wellness avenue imaginable. This is a community that clearly values the health and well-being of its people and environment.

Open your eyes.

What if this wasn’t just your imagination? 77% of Americans today are seeking a greener, happier, healthier lifestyle.

At HOMZ, we are enabling this vision by creating communities of like-minded homeowners where green, sustainable and healthy living can flourish.

In wake of the climate emergency, our aim is to design communities with the future in mind. HOMZ strives to be an ideal developer by leading the change in healthy and sustainable housing in the USA. To ensure people’s and the planet’s wellness, our sustainable real estate approach focuses on five key areas.

  1. Responsible sourcing of eco-friendly building materials for construction
  2. Green design and innovative technologies for energy-efficient homes
  3. Zero-waste focus through recycling, composting and disposal management
  4. Protection of natural resources and biodiversity with 60% open spaces
  5. Well-planned facilities and infrastructure to reduce environmental impact

With this in mind, HOMZ is committed to creating a sustainable community that will stand the test of time. When you participate in building these communities with us, you’re building a future where everyone has access to comfortable, safe and sustainable homes that are good for the environment and economy.

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