Is city infrastructure at par with modern needs?

By homz | August 22, 2022

Suburban cities in the south and west have emerged as the fastest-growing cities in the US. These cities have everything a modern renter would want but are not always at par with his needs. Cities and their residents need infrastructure that creates the most conducive environment that promotes prosperity.

Ensuring the city infrastructure is at par with modern needs requires more than providing basic necessities like water, electricity, roads and sanitation. The local infrastructure needs to meet people’s changing needs and boost contentment levels.

Homz is the first national housing company in the US that focuses on working with suburban cities to innovate existing infrastructure and upgrade it to make it at par with modern needs. Read on to know how Homz is making this happen.

How is Homz innovating existing infrastructure?

Change is the rule of time. Like everything else, cities must change too to match the changing demand of the people. They need to offer them the infrastructure that enhances their overall living experience. It includes everything from basics like good roads, better healthcare, and affordable housing to sustainably building a city by reducing the carbon footprint at every step.

Promoting health and happiness

City infrastructure that allows its residents to live healthy and happy life is the least anyone expects today. Unlike earlier, people now are not okay with spending all their time commuting, working round the clock, and having little to no time for their families or themselves.

The road to building happy cities goes through thinking about people’s happiness first. Homz believes that taking a human-centric approach is the first step in elevating the happiness quotient of the cities. And this principle guides them in doing what they do – building communities that promote health, happiness and a better way of life. The communities are futuristic, focusing on not just basic infrastructure but also healthcare, education, employment, convenience, mental wellness and recreation.

Making housing solutions affordable

Modern US renters dream of owning a house at par with all the new-age amenities but take a step back looking at expenses. They constantly search for an affordable housing solution supporting their city life idea.

Understanding this pain point of a modern renter, Homz has come up with a solution. Four uniquely branded homes are designed to suit the needs of four different segments of renters. Here’s how Homz has done it:

  • UP: Made for the ambitious students
  • 24: Abodes for the value-seeking couple
  • Njoy: Built to accommodate the desires of family starters
  • Lyf: For the comfort seekers who live on their terms

With this, the company has made the dream of an affordable housing solution true for many modern renters who are looking for a home away from home!

Building sustainable cities

The real estate sector accounts for 40% of the world’s energy consumption and one-third of all carbon emissions. Unless this changes, a city’s infrastructure can never be at par with modern needs because people are now more conscious about conserving the planet than before. Sustainable real estate has been gaining traction over the past few years, a promising step toward making this planet a better place. This way of improving city infrastructure is not just environmentally friendly but also helps enjoy many perks.

To address the rising climate challenges and the risk they pose to the future, Homz is building sustainable construction and communities from the ground up. The company achieves it through the HOMZ Energy and Climate Strategy and adheres to its NEWS principles to offer sustainable living experiences. The NEWS principle is as follows:

  • Nurture our nature and the World
  • Enable, Educate, Engage and Empower Everyone
  • Wealth, Wellness and a World of Welfare
  • Stability in Sustainability

Getting back up and running

The global pandemic brought a bag full of uncertainties that disrupted almost everything around us. It caused a massive economic dislocation across the United States, which needed creative solutions and private sector partnerships to accelerate economic recovery.

Homz has significantly invested in cities across the US to develop attainable housing communities and partnered with local officials, retail and hospitality brands, and universities to facilitate a higher standard of living for the people and a better economic future for the cities. With this influx of capital, cities will experience growth for existing local businesses and a surge in new private establishments. It will also open new avenues for generating new employment opportunities that will put these cities back on track.

Re-innovating cities responsibly!

Cities are made by the people who live in them and the efforts they put together to develop them. Unless the city is made considering the resident’s ideals, it won’t be regarded as a win. Modern renters are intelligent and conscious. They neither want to compromise on their living standards nor want to harm the planet in any direct or indirect way. Homz understands its customers well and works towards satisfying them while ensuring it does not harm the planet.

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