Rejuvenating the Entrepreneurial Spirit in the US

By homz | August 23, 2022

An idea can change the world. This statement itself has driven many entrepreneurs to bring something new or something old with a new twist to the market. Most of them made it big because they identified the need for a particular service or product and introduced it to the target market. And boom! The country too prospered, not only the company or individual who came up with that idea. That’s the power of entrepreneurship.

Every reason is a good enough reason to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive within the country. Be it encouraging entrepreneurship, opening new avenues for employment, or accelerating economic growth in the country, rejuvenating the entrepreneurial spirit is always a part of the plan.

But how companies in the US is setting this plan in motion? Let’s see how Homz, the first national housing company in the US, is rejuvenating the entrepreneurial spirit.

How is Homz reviving its entrepreneurial spirit?

Entrepreneurship acts as a catalyst for economic growth. It helps create new job opportunities, fosters community development, enhances living standards, lifts regional economies, and contributes to wealth creation and sharing.

Homz focuses on doing just that and more through building communities that are aligned with the future. These communities do not just offer affordable housing, which is one of the pressing problems in the US but also build resilient cities.

In an interview with NASDAQ, Dan Callister, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Homz, said. “Our first goal is to establish public and private partnership and joint venture models”. To this, Giordano Morichi, Business Development Manager & Architect in Sustainable Impact Building added saying, “We are providing the means through which people can thrive in those communities”.

Overall, Homz is paving the way for entrepreneurs and offering them a platform to create more employment opportunities that will add to the nation’s economic growth.

To achieve this, Homz aims to attract the millennial crowd in the country to live in the new age communities. The company is offering them high-quality housing, wellness-centric homes, and integrated communities, which is the least a millennial renter would expect from new-age housing communities. Homz is committed to building communities that meet these needs.

To offer a standardized living experience, the Homz communities will have 1200 to 1500 housing units on a rental basis. 70 to 80% of the residents will be new families who are looking forward to building a future in these communities.

Here’s how Homz is planting the seeds of entrepreneurship in its communities.

Partnering with Universities

Universities are influential and create landmarks out of cities. As a breeding ground for ideas, innovations and strategies, universities help cities grow infrastructurally, economically and socially.

Universities create a ripple effect through privatisation. To cater to the needs of the students, cities can open gates to more businesses, which in turn means more growth and development for cities.

At Homz, we are partnering with universities to create entrepreneurial incubation centres. These centres will change the economic landscape of the cities by training students to become the innovators of tomorrow, generate more employment opportunities, attract more private companies and lift the cities to new heights.

Bringing a wave of economic growth to US cities.

We live in a world of unprecedented uncertainty. The global pandemic alone has caused massive economic dislocation across the United States. Cities need creative solutions and private sector partnerships to accelerate their economic recovery.

Homz is committed to investing between $140 and $170 million to develop attainable housing communities in cities across the US. We believe that this investment will, in turn, bring billions of dollars of ancillary investment. With this influx of capital, cities will experience growth for existing local businesses and a surge in new private establishments.

This snowball effect will boost the local economies and generate new employment opportunities that will put these cities back on track.

Offering partnership opportunities to local officials

US suburbs are growing at a faster rate than urban and rural areas. However, the surrounding infrastructure, including roads, water, waste, energy and transit, has not kept up. Some opportunistic developments don’t fit with communities’ evolving communities evolving needs and expectations. Suburbs face gridlock, bottlenecks and potential infrastructure failures.

It’s time cities upgraded their local infrastructure to meet people’s changing needs and boost contentment levels. We aim to work with the cities to innovate existing infrastructure and upgrade it as needed.

Homz communities empower suburbs by partnering with local officials and retail and hospitality brands to facilitate a higher standard of living for the people and a better economic future for the cities.

Introducing a Joint Venture Model

Many US landowners are looking for a suitable project to come their way. These are the people who are close to their communities and want to put their land good to use than just making a profit out of it.

Homz is looking for people who are generational community members who aim to build a legacy. Partnering with these people for the joint venture mode will yield a good ROI and give them a positive and lasting impact for generations to come.


Rejuvenating the entrepreneurial spirit is not a single big thing but a collation of many little things. One opportunity leads to another, and that’s how economic growth gains traction, and development begins. Homz also has the same vision coupled with a view of a sustainable future in every sense.

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