Leveraging the unifying power of sports to bring communities closer.

By homz | December 12, 2022

Sports have always played an essential role in creating community bonds. They have been used for centuries for people from different backgrounds to come together, enjoy themselves and build relationships. Sports allow people to forget about their differences and celebrate what they have in common — their love for sports.For others, it is just a game. But for US citizens, it is an integral part of their lives. In the past decade, the US has seen a steady increase in community-based sports programs. From basketball to baseball and everything in between, these programs help bring people together, provide an outlet for exercise and physical activity, and promote socialization.

Stirring the waters of change through sports

Sports has been used as a tool for social change throughout history. It creates a sense of community among those who play them and offers an opportunity for people to come together, regardless of race, religion or socio-economic status. People who share an interest in sports have something in common with each other and often develop friendships that surpass any differences they may have otherwise had.It’s no surprise then that sports have a positive impact on society. The same Nielsen study found that among those who play sports regularly, 94 percent feel more physically fit and 97 percent feel more socially connected than those who do not participate in team or individual sports.Furthermore, the positive effects of sports go beyond individual success stories and into broader economic growth. This past year, the global sporting goods market was worth $95 billion and it’s predicted to reach $106 billion by 2024 (Statista). The United States alone has over 60 million active participants in sports and fitness activities each year (National Sporting Goods Association). Also, it is a great source of entertainment and derives wealth from different regional, state, and national level sports events as well.

Unifying people through sports- The HOMZ way

Sports are ingrained in society and HOMZ is leveraging this to build communities that bring people from different walks of life together. HOMZ is utilizing sports to build healthy, inspired and united communities.communities. HOMZ communities have various amenities such as outdoor sports facilities, indoor games, kids’ play areas, pet parks, swimming pools, and clubhouses. These amenities offer a great way to socialize and build lasting and meaningful relationships.Sports personalities are role models and they can play a major role by bringing together people with similar interest, fans and spectators. That is why sports fields in HOMZ communities are inspired by legendary players and are dedicated in their names. The idea behind this move is to make people feel inspired, proud, and motivated to play. Through this, HOMZ is forging strong community connections and aiding in keeping the people healthy and happy.

Building communities that are inspired by one common interest-sports

All in all, sports offer many more reasons to come alive and stay connected with people from different walks of life. Sportspersons create benchmark platforms that inspire others and connects us socially, culturally and economically. HOMZ is leveraging all these learnings into building close knit communities by inspiring and encouraging people to be more active, which stirs in more wellness which is a key to happiness.

To learn more about it, please watch the video below

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