The increasing need for active living communities

By homz | August 24, 2022

Before the world learned about COVID-19, another global pandemic existed and still exists; it is called physical inactivity. Superficially it doesn’t look as harmful unless it grows out of control and gives birth to many lifestyle conditions. Just like Obesity, which continues to be a public health crisis for the US, with 60%-70% of the population being severely overweight.

A few decades ago, most jobs involved physical labor that kept people in good shape and health. But ever since desk jobs came into existence, most of the working population of the US has been spending the majority of their time sitting. According to a recent study, only 20% of jobs require moderate physical activity, which means 80% of the working population is sedentary. As people now realize the importance of staying physically active, they are looking for communities to encourage them.

Organizations like the UN, WHO, and the US Institute of Medicine, to name a few, have identified the dire need to build an environment that supports active living to encourage people to be physically active and improve their health. As a result, mayors, city council members and other officials have shifted their focus from balancing competing interests to building communities that add value to the citizens’ physical and mental health.

Homz – A catalyst in building active communities

Homz, the first national company in the US, is working toward solving the housing challenges in the country. The company focuses on offering a house to modern renters that are not only affordable but also prioritizes active living.

The company aspires to introduce modern renters to a life that is fulfilling in every sense. It encourages active living by building communities conceptualized around nature and offering holistic wellness across five different parameters: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual wellness through 54 unique amenities.

Homz communities are called FLoW communities which enable renters to Feel Well, Love Well, and Work Well. In this section, we will be discussing Feel Well communities in detail.

The feel-well communities offer a wide range of amenities that make residents want to live an active life. These are equipped with a sports arena, walking track, indoor games, outdoor gym, biking trail, swimming pool, and Next-Gen Club, to name a few. Along with these amenities, Homz communities also have urban farming, 60% open green spaces, and a Miyawaki forest that offers an escape from the concrete jungles of urban areas.

Making way for a healthier lifestyle

As a significant percentage of the working population of the US is moving to suburban cities, they are looking for a housing solution that offers them nothing but the best living experience. And Homz is hitting the right note by providing affordable homes and active living communities. This not only addresses the challenge of the shortage of affordable housing but also provides a push for active living.

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