Zero Waste Communities: Why now more than ever?

By homz | August 23, 2022

The first worldwide lockdown where we saw nature repair itself with no humans around is an excellent example of how much destruction is caused by us by just being in this world. We have turned a blind eye toward the waste we create every second of the day without even realising it. Now that global environmental concerns are more serious than ever, the concept of zero waste and sustainable development has come to light again.

People are now aware of the harm they have caused the planet over the years and the consequences. Many individuals and organizations have started taking global concerns seriously to prevent further damage and are working towards making this planet a better place. And building zero waste communities from the ground up is one of the promising initiatives that revives the hope for a better future.

Zero waste communities strongly believe in, support, and contribute to sustainable development by being mindful of the waste they generate. These communities constantly hunt for alternatives to an existing approach to support the 3Rs ( reuse, renew, and recycle) of waste management, reduce carbon footprint, and consume less energy.

Let’s further discuss how the real estate industry is changing the face of the world for good with its zero waste initiatives.

Changing the world with sustainable real estate projects

According to a report by Mckinsey, the real estate industry generates 39% of the total global emissions and 11% of emissions are caused due to using toxic construction materials and generating energy to power different real estate projects.

The real estate industry alone is causing nearly half of the damage to the planet. But growing urbanization is also the need of the hour. So the question arises, how can we reduce the damage caused by the real estate industry without slowing down the pace of urbanization? The simple answer is sustainable real estate. It is easier said than done. That is true in this context, as building sustainable and zero-waste communities is complex. From selecting non-toxic construction materials to harnessing renewable energy sources to suffice the energy demands and reducing the carbon footprint at every step of the process, sustainable real estate needs to eliminate every aspect of waste.

Zero waste community programs are an integral part of sustainable real estate. With full support from the government, many cities in countries like the US,Japan, and Italy have made it possible to go waste-free.

Promoting sustainable real estate the Homz Global way!

Everything we do is creating trash somewhere in the world, from unboxing a new purchase to discarding old belongings. Every activity directly or indirectly generates waste, from buying groceries to cooking meals.

This behaviour will create serious consequences for our cities – massive landfills, increased greenhouse emissions and exhaustion of natural resources.

At Homz, we are aligned with global sustainability goals and are adopting a zero-waste approach to building our communities in forward-thinking cities across the US.

We are committed to protecting the local environment, saving on construction costs, creating new employment opportunities and building resilient cities.

Your choice makes all the difference!

The planet needs our help, and the best way is to make sustainable choices. An individual can only do so much but being a part of a community that prioritizes zero waste can help reduce global emissions, carbon footprint and energy consumption to a larger extent.

To learn more about it, please watch the video below.

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