Building Strong Communities for a Secure Future

By homz | February 20, 2023

The desire for a sense of community and security has always been a human need. In a world that can be unpredictable and uncertain, being part of a community can provide a feeling of safety and support. And in the aftermath of the pandemic, community living has become a crucial consideration for those seeking a home.

So much so that surveys indicate an increase in the desire for community living from 27% to 32% over the past few years. In a community, residents can provide support and care for each other during difficult times.

Here are some ways in which community living can enhance security:

  • Increased surveillance:

    Community living often involves shared spaces such as common areas, parks, and playgrounds. With more people around, there is increased surveillance, which can reduce the likelihood of crime and other security threats.

  • Shared resources:

    In a community, residents can pool their resources to provide better security. For example, a community can install security cameras, hire security personnel, or start a neighborhood watch program.

  • Support during emergencies:

    In times of emergency, such as natural disasters or health crises, a community can provide support and assistance to its members. This can be especially important for elderly or vulnerable residents who may need help during these difficult times.

  • A sense of belonging:

    When people feel like they belong to a community, they are more likely to take an active role in protecting their neighborhood. They are more likely to look out for each other and report suspicious activity to the authorities.

HOMZ understands the importance of social support and offers residents various opportunities to connect and build lasting relationships through their integrated communities. These communities are equipped with amenities like Next Gen Clubhouses, outdoor amphitheaters, pet parks, and more.

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