Building happy cities using a human-centric approach

By homz | August 22, 2022

What is a home? Is it a concrete structure built to provide shelter from rain and storm? Or Is it something more? Homes are built for humans, for families. And thus, modern homes must incorporate the aspect of a human-centric approach. These homes should do more than just provide mere necessities like electricity, sanitation, water, etc. And that’s not what we are saying. It is something modern home buyers long for.

In fact, as per the Global Wellness Institute (WGI), the wellness lifestyle real estate and communities market was valued at $119 billion in 2017. People actively seek homes that value essential aspects of life like healthcare, education, employment, mental wellness, and more. Furthermore, the overall happiness and satisfaction depend highly on the house they live in. In fact, the New Economics Foundation’s study found that housing quality, measured in terms of structural quality, upkeep, and maintenance, positively influences people’s happiness and well-being.

What’s Wrong with Existing Houses?

Existing houses are doing very little to solve the housing problem in the country. The housing crisis is about the lack of affordable housing, although the actual problem is more nuanced. While affordable houses are available in some parts of the country, there is a dearth of employment opportunities or connectivity. Another critical insight here is that although houses in the US are getting bigger, they are not making people “happy”. As per a recent study, regardless of the extra space homeowners get, it is not providing additional happiness to the families.

Moreover, there is very little connectivity to essential facilities like healthcare, universities, colleges, public transport, etc., increasing the cost of living massively. The next solution that will bring to the market must address all these problems. Our futuristic houses should be affordable and endorse a healthy and better life.

What’s the Solution?

At Homz, we have always been focused on keeping happiness and growth as the main focus. We believe that modern housing communities need to be human-centric. That’s why we are developing wellness-centric, integrated multifamily communities across the country’s suburbs. Multifamily or commonly called apartment spaces, provide better housing opportunities.

  • Wellness-centric Multifamily Houses

    Our wellness-centric housing communities endorse holistic well-being promoting key aspects of life like mental, psychological, spiritual, physical, and intellectual wellness. These housing communities are built-to-rent, with every project having around 60% area dedicated to green space.

  • Sustainable Infrastructure

    Sustainable living has become an essential part of modern housing solutions. While the real estate industry contributes to a massive amount of carbon footprints, we can make efforts to limit the effect. Our wellness-centric homes endorse healthier living and restrict the environmental impact. These housing units are developed with non-toxic, natural materials and thus, have very low carbon footprints.

  • Integrated Communities

    While our housing communities will provide a unified experience across all suburbs, we are also ensuring the cost of living in those communities will be low. And it is not just about the affordability of those houses. Homz communities are being developed at strategic locations, ensuring easy connectivity to critical facilities like healthcare, colleges, universities, recreational activities, and public transportation.

    Multifamily homes or apartment spaces have some concrete advantages over single-family homes. For instance, families have to deal with less stress of maintenance and repair. Furthermore, it gives families a sense of community, as living in apartments means more communication with people around them.

  • What’s the Way Forward?

    Consumer expectations have changed massively in recent years. And especially when it comes to homes, the demands are more elaborate. Therefore, modern housing solutions should cater to those changing requirements, providing a holistic living experience. Furthermore, providing houses that not only meet people’s basic needs isn’t enough. It should instead make them feel at ‘home’, ensuring the health and happiness of the families.

    Homz communities are futuristic, focusing on not just basic infrastructure but also healthcare, education, employment, convenience, mental wellness and recreation. We don’t want to say that we are reinventing the wheel. With our human-centric approach, we are developing the most desired housing communities nationwide to ensure families living there find their happiness. We are aiming to make it better for future generations. And that’s how we can build happy and resilient cities.

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