Housing-healthcare-hospitality integration for prosperous communities

By homz | October 6, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought massive shifts in our society. It has changed the way we live, the way we travel, and most importantly, the way we work. While it started as “work-from-home”, many companies have begun preferring hybrid work practices. As per the latest survey by Gusto in 2022, 20% of new businesses have hired hybrid teams since their inception. Hybrid working has been shown to deliver increased employee productivity and efficiency, redefined collaboration, reduced operational costs, and improved work-life balance.

While it’s not a “one-size-fits-all approach”, hybrid working, if implemented effectively, does provide many advantages. Another crucial change we have since the pandemic is that people have started moving out of cities and settling in the suburbs. Unlike metropolitan cities, these suburbs are quieter, cleaner, and offer a better quality of life. There are fewer hassles and peace. However, despite the comfort of these suburbs, they are not quite ready. They lack some critical infrastructural elements, depriving them of growth opportunities.

Suburbs: Desired Place Yet Struggling

The suburbs of the US have indeed become desired places to live and settle. In fact, since 2000, the population younger than 25 has increased by 3.3 million in the suburbs. However, there is a lack of fundamental infrastructure like healthcare facilities, public transport, universities, etc. Even if they are in those suburbs, they are quite far away with very low accessibility. Moreover, in terms of residential buildings, houses are not up to desired standards, certainly not catering to the requirements of modern occupants. Suburban homes do not have essential amenities like modern houses, with little to no connectivity to crucial facilities. It’s quite clear that suburbs need a makeover, with a key focus on housing, healthcare, and hospitality.

Homz Approach

  1. Housing

    At Homz, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful housing solution. We are developing sustainable housing communities across the country’s suburbs. Now, these communities are being developed with crucial things kept in mind. Our wellness-centric housing communities endorse holistic well-being promoting key aspects of life like mental, psychological, spiritual, physical, and intellectual wellness. The communities are built-to-rent, with around 60% of each project devoted to green space. Sustainable living has become an essential part of modern housing solutions. Even though the real estate industry contributes heavily to carbon footprints, we can take steps to minimize them.

  2. Healthcare

    We are ensuring that the cost of living in our housing communities will be low while providing a united experience across all suburbs. And it is not just about the affordability of those houses. Homz communities are being developed at strategic locations, ensuring easy connectivity to critical facilities like healthcare, colleges, universities, recreational activities, and public transportation.

  3. Hospitality

    As opposed to just developing housing blocks across the suburbs of the US, Homz Global creates sustainable and responsible social communities. Homz Global’s housing solutions emphasize three essential elements: Feel Well, Love Well, and Work Well. The Homz communities will incorporate innovative solutions like co-working spaces to ensure a balanced work-life balance. Featuring spacious lobbies and WiFi connectivity, these co-working spaces will provide convenience and efficiency like a home office.

Final Thoughts

A productive environment that promotes holistic wellness and peace of mind is essential for people to live to their full potential. The cities of tomorrow will be built by communities that adhere to this principle.

With this foundation in place, Homz Communities is building housing communities that focus on wellness, convenience, connectivity, and hospitality. In our role as the first-ever national housing company, Homz Global focuses on health, recreation, and convenience. Aside from providing affordable housing, our developments will also meet the changing demands of young people.

To learn more about it, please watch the video below

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