Tackling social isolation with connected communities.

By homz | December 12, 2022

Amidst the pandemic, we have all faced different challenges. We have all been through the worst, from limited medical resources to emotional distress. Many lives were lost, which made getting through this time even harder. This biological mass destruction not only introduced us to a time we never imagined but also brought another pandemic to light- Loneliness.

In the new normal, as people become more aware and selective of their surroundings, they seek a community that stays together and makes them feel connected, comfortable and safe. People of all ages are now choosing communal living as it offers both convenience and a sense of belongingness. Additionally, living in a community makes people feel socially connected and engaged, which reduces the mental and physical health a person may develop.

Let’s look at how HOMZ redefines community living in the new normal.

Out of sight, out of mind?

When people move from one place to another for rewarding jobs, good education, and better life, it is natural for them to think less of their past and focus more on their future. But in this process, they tend to turn away from our family and friends.

One-third of the US population is reported to feel “lonely”. The reason behind this is no rocket science to understand. People who leave their homes for work feel detached from their family and friends. Living life alone in a completely new city surrounded by strangers may sound fun, but it can lead to serious mental issues in the long run. The same is true when young adults move away from their parents in search of a new life. Nothing can explain this better than people who have battled issues like depression alone when the whole world was asked to stay in isolation. This instance clearly shows how being disconnected can harm people’s health.

Life becomes tough without any companion to talk to or be there for. Loneliness can take over you and leave you feeling nothing but sad and depressed all the time. But when you are surrounded by people who aren’t your family but are close enough to support you in your highs and lows is where you belong.

Experience better and happy living with HOMZ Communities

To address this pandemic of loneliness, it is absolutely necessary for people to have better social connections and close interactions with their community. HOMZis the first national housing company in the US that is determined to eradicate this pandemic from the world but introducing Community Centers.

These community centres are built on the concept of ‘me’ to ‘we’ that helps people to feel socially connected and safe and address wellness communities in a wider context. HOMZ Communities enable physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, mental, environmental and occupational wellness. With recreational activities for people of all ages and interests, HOMZaims to turn the ‘indoor generation’ into a more ‘outdoor, social and nature-loving generation’. The ultimate goal of HOMZ is to build communities that are healthy and happy inside out.

Additionally, these communities offer facilities, amenities, and infrastructure that enable people to feel, live well, and work well together.

  • Walking tracks between blocks around the communities
  • Jogging tracks for you to have a good run in the morning before the sun wakes up
  • Biking trails to get fit and engage with a natural ambience
  • Natural open field to refresh your mind, body, and soul with nature
  • Outdoor yoga pad to enjoy your yoga session with nature
  • Green spaces that support better health and overall wellness.
  • A community play arena within your vicinity as part of the NEXT GEN Clubhouse

When people have all this to do together in the community, enhancing the quality of life is guaranteed.

A home away from home at HOMZ Communities

HOMZ has built a community offering its dwellers mental and physical wellness. HOMZ communities aim to bring its residents closer to support each other throughout their good and bad times. Building thoughtful communities start at HOMZ.

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